The gastronomic proposal is inspired by the Mediterranean and Asian cuisine.


Burrata salad with tomatoes.

Guacamole of red prawns with exotic fruits.

Herring salad.

Mediterranean salad with prawn and bluefin tuna.

Vietnamese vegan roll with peanut sauce.

Salmon with Japanese pancake.

Peruvian classic ceviche with banana.

Red prawn carpaccio with fried prawn sauce andJaponese spices.

Foie with space bread.

Ham Bellota 100%


Fried baby squid.

Garlic prawns.

Iberian ham croquettes.

Mussels in spicy sauce, Los Amigos style.

Spring rolls with prawn.


Sea-bass baked in a salt crust.

(Min. 2 pers.)Price per person.

Fish fillets from fish market to the salt with herbs.

Prawns served in an armagnac sauce.

(grape brandy) gratiné.

Oven baked salmon en papillote .

Scallops with chalets in beurre blanc

Lobster ragout with bok choy.


Sauteed crayfish.

(100 g)

Blue lobster.

(100 g)

Assorted live lobster from our tank.

(100 g)


Beef tenderloin with creamy potato.

Filet beef Steak tartar Los Amigos style

Duck magnet with foie gras ravioli and red wine sauce.

Iberian pork tacos with patetos and garlic.

Grilled large steak with potatoes and vegetables.

Price per kg.


Rice with Iberia pork and artichokes.

Minimum 2 people, price per person.

Rice with lobster.

Minimum 2 people, price per person.

Señoret rice.

Min. 2 people, price per person.

For children.

Spaghetti bolognese.

Beef burger with french fries.

Chicken tikka masala with rise.

Half a filet steak with fries.


Apple pie with ice cream.

Mil hojas clásica

Cream torrija with almonds and ice cream.

Mango satin with milk ice cream.

Homemade chocolate Snickers .

Chocolate bombon.

Lemon sorbet with vodka or cava.

Ice cream assorted flavors.

Price of 1 bol of ice cream


Toast with tomato + coffee

Toast with cheese and avocado + coffee

Toast with York ham and cheese + coffee

Scrambled eggs with bacon